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faq – engagements

frequently asked questions…about engagement sessions

can we take them out of a package and are they necessary?

in some cases where clients are based out of state we do consider swapping the engagement sessions for rehearsal coverage perhaps. but if we need to create a custom package for you, that may be our best route instead of pulling from already made packages.  so email us and let’s create something more specific to your needs. engagement sessions are highly recommended if at all possible, though.  not only does it give us an opportunity to get to know you all better, it also helps you both feel more comfortable in front of the camera prior to the wedding day.  a majority of our clients haven’t had professional pictures taken in years and really enjoy the opportunity to relax and hang out with us while getting use to being photographed. the wedding day experience is always smoother if we have worked with you prior to then…we know poses that are the most flattering for you two as a couple…not to mention we love getting to know our couples as much as possible!

when should they be taken?

anytime! we have had weddings book just a few months out and we did engagements just maybe a month before the wedding. we have also had clients book a year or so out and do engagement immediately. it’s whatever works best for you all.  if you’re wanting to have save the dates made then we normally suggest those be sent out 5-6 months prior to your wedding date, so we would suggest having your engagement pictures done around that time. for those that book far in advance of their date, a particular season may matter to you so that they differ in environment from your wedding pictures (wedding may be in june so you want fall engagements, etc). there’s no rule as to when they should be taken.

how long is a typical session?

generally around two hours. a lot depends on our locations. if we are going to two different places that require driving then we may lean towards two and half hours.  If we are sticking with one location and walking all over we should be able to do fine within the two hour time. we don’t have a set time limit on the engagement sessions.

what if my fiance isn’t excited about it or interested?

we are use to that. :) that’s where having both cara dee and jacob along in the sessions makes a huge difference. while cara dee and the bride can be chatting color schemes and bridesmaids gifts, jacob can be nerding out with the guy on topics ranging from comic books and super hero movies to his favorite kind of pipes and bourbon. it’s our aim to make both of you feel comfortable and it’s normal for people to not feel at ease in front of the lens…and we have been photographed ourselves too and know how it feels! we love engagement sessions and really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and casual hang out time.

what should we wear?

great question! whatever you feel best in is a good place to start…and sometimes that means a new outfit, right?? :) most couples like the versatility of shooting in two different outfits, so often they’ll change in between to something else. we actually have a pinterest board full of ideas too for you to pull from! on our main page there’s a tab on the left hand side that can link you to our pinterest boards. feel free to follow or look through the couples and/or engagement pinboards to gather some ideas. we love color and we also love a great neutrals (grays, creams, etc). what you don’t have to do is match. we would much prefer you coordinate over wearing the same thing. we love it when you express yourselves through outfits that reflect each of you. that’s something that can really set you apart from another engagement session. often brides like to text cara dee options too and that’s great if you’re in indecision and the groom isn’t being helpful. ;) one last thing you can do is if you want to bring 4-5 options with you to the session and us head out to your car and see what may go best together we often do that as well. so you’re never alone in the clothing choices if you don’t want to be!

where should we shoot them, how do we decide that?

what is special to you all? is there a park or location that means something to you? we love to shoot at places that you connect with. if a location like that doesn’t come to mind we have a vast amount of options in mind too that we can pull from. we love shooting at different locations with couples so we are constantly looking for new places and searching out new areas. if you’d rather give us a general kind of feel what you want in the pictures (outdoorsy, urban-y downtown-ish, etc) we can run with that and offer suggestions too.

what time/days do you usually shoot them?

sunrise and sunset! though, for some reason couples rarely take us up on the sunrise option. ;) both times of day are excellent for light. the two hours at and after sunrise and the two hours prior to sunset are when we schedule our sessions. we have an app on our phones that tells us what exact time that is for each date around the year too (aren’t phones fantastic??) so we can look that up and get a time for you pretty easily. we prefer week nights as a majority of our weekends are full of weddings, but our aim is to accommodate schedules so we can make whatever work for you all!

do you travel?

you bet! we have driven to cincinnati, northern kentucky, bowling green, owensboro all kinds of places locally and otherwise for engagement sessions and we are definitely up for further travels. just let us know what the distance is and we can talk about what that means as far as pricing is concerned.

any thoughts on hair and make up?

engagement sessions are a great time to test a make up artist and hair stylist for the wedding! get a feel for your beauticians in the same way that you are getting a feel of working with us for your pictures! set up a trial appointment so you can feel your best for the engagements also.  it’s definitely not a must, but it always tends to give you another esteem boost and helps kill two birds with one stone. :)

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