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faq – general

frequently asked questions…in general.

how long have we been doing this?

this is our eighth year!

how did we get into this?

cara dee was a photography art studio major and worked  in college with a local wedding photographer when she fell in love with it. she shadowed under this professional as an intern and later as her associate before breaking off onto her own business eight years ago. jacob was an art studio major as well, but also an art educator.  after teaching art for five years, he put in his notice and joined cdp as his main gig.

are we trained formally or informally?

both! both of us graduated with art studio majors. and while we graduated years ago, we are constantly learning. most recently we attended a workshop in mexico with jose villa to fine tune our skills. we are always looking for opportunities to grow and learn. that could be meeting with other photographers and swapping info and techniques or reading books. both of us also help head up a local artist collective where we are immersed in local art of various mediums on a weekly basis. the idea of creativity and art is as much apart of our lives as breathing.

why do you shoot film and what does that mean?

we love it. it’s beautiful. and it means you’ll love it and find your images beautiful. :)

seriously, though..the quality of a film image as well as the tangibility of loading a roll of film into a camera is a process long lost. we find ourselves considering each shot we take instead of solely snapping and hoping something is captured as digital shooting often encourages. it doesn’t decrease our speed (especially on wedding days when moments count), but it does heighten our sense of purpose in each frame and a desire to make each count is in the forefront of our minds. shooting film (as well as digital back up) creates several benefits for you. we are creating a double back up for your images by using two formats of photography so we are sure to have your images. by shooting film we give you great, timeless imagery without the use of harsh filters to create photographs that are beautiful forever and not just matching a current trend. giving you wedding pictures that will forever be in style. with film we are exercising a great deal of expertise and talent to photograph an image correctly the first time, instead of manipulating the image in post processing….so you can get your images back quicker. Not to mention that the film format has an incredibly flattering effect on skin tones, while also maintaining a great deal of detail often lost in solely digital photography. little known fact, a great deal of the weddings you see published in major magazines and wedding blogs are photographed usng film still, including the highly acclaimed Jose Villa, who I spent time learning from in Mexico. it means nicer quality imagery for you and does not effect how you receive your pictures.

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