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faq – weddings

frequently asked questions:

do you travel?

most certainly and love to!! definitely email us about your location and let’s talk details! most recently we have photographed weddings in arizona and north carolina, but have photographed in many other states as well.

how many hours are really needed for coverage?

we feel like the best amount of coverage is 8 hours to get a little of the getting ready and cover all the major events of the reception. a little less is great for elopements and smaller events. and the 10 hour coverages are fantastic to get everything from beginning to end. the best way to really decide, though is to talk to me and see what you are looking for. if the hours you need don’t fit into a package we already have set up then let’s just create a package something specific to you.

should i do a first look?

yes, but perhaps not for the reasons you think. there are lots of benefits to having a first look that i’m sure you’ve heard. many of them may seem just like a selfish plan for the photographers to get the shots they want but it’s really much more than that. in fact, we can speak from personal opinion. for our own wedding, we decided to go the very traditional route and jacob did not see cara dee until she came down the aisle.  it is also the main thing we would changed about our wedding if we could redo it. and this is why we are so passionate about telling our clients about first looks. it wasn’t until we got in the car at the end of the night that we even talked to each other! the whole day was a whirlwind and between rushing through pictures and going into all the events of the reception we didn’t even talk. first looks provide even just a few minutes to talk in a day that is full of celebration. not to mention that you’re able to talk freely about how each other looks instead of whispering it between a brief pause in the ceremony. with the heightened attention of everyone in a ceremony watching you both there’s often the feeling that you can’t really react the way you would like to either and when you meet each other privately ahead of time you can do that freely. from observation, i have found that rarely is that monumental moment of walking down the aisle hindered by having a first look. everyone dreams of that moment, and the emotion and music of the doors opening, or the bride rounding a corner to see her groom is no less tainted. now, for all the other reasons you may have heard, yes first looks are great.  it allows you to go straight into the reception (or cocktail hour) with friends and family and begin socializing and having fun. it’s also your best opportunity to getting the most images of you and your groom as you aren’t rushed to get them done in a small time limit post ceremony. if you enjoy the feel of your engagement pictures and relaxed atmosphere it allowed then first looks are a must for you all. just food for thought. even though we share this with all our couples, we still have people go the traditional route and wait and we respect that as well.  so if you are set in doing so, we make whatever timelines work in your favor to give you the best images possible.

what time do you recommend for the ceremony?

consider when sunset is!! that’s our main concern. if you are doing a first look then it’s not as much of a consideration, but pictures are best and most flattering when shot with natural light when possible.  so if you are not doing a first look then schedule your ceremony to allow for daylight still afterwards for pictures.  and even if you do have a first look you can still schedule it earlier and we can pull you away just briefly for some sunset shots at the reception. our only concern with the timing of your ceremony is that you consider your photography and the natural light needed to give you the best imagery. feel free to talk to us about that.

would you recommend a spray tan?

while it may look natural in person, if often comes across very orange in images and especially on film. if at all possible we would recommend a gradual build up of natural sun the weeks leading up to your wedding.

are there any colors or fabrics i may want to avoid or use when planning?

bright white wedding gowns do not photograph as well as say a shade or so more towards ivory or cream. also taffeta when photographed with flash is incredibly shiny and doesn’t photograph well.

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